Replacing emergency calling systems using a more innovative approach! 😁

About The Product

A Simple System That Solves A Big Worry.

For seniors who live on their own, it's hard for the rest of the family to know if the senior is in trouble since they live separately. Our system solves that problem by creating an all in one system to ensure the safety of seniors in your family.

  • Instant notifications for emergencies
  • Unlimited calling, location tracking, etc.

What features does the watch have?

Automatic SOS Calling

The user is able to emergency call someone by tapping the watch once. We've taken steps to ensure that it will not go off by accident.

Indoor/Outdoor GPS Tracking

By utilizing Bluetooth beacons which we place all around the house, we're able to identify where the user is at all times.

Blood Pressure

We're able to monitor the blood pressure of the user just from the watch. This is can be used after falls & for other heath related metrics.


We're able to monitor heart rate as well to detect strokes and if heart rate is abnormally high, a notification will be sent out.

Fall Detection

If the senior has tripped/fallen based on how fast a change in altitude, angle & speed happens, an emergency notification is sent.


All of this data is gathered, then put into a sleek dashboard that has summaries of all the features of the watch.

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A step-by-step tutorial on how our product works with all the features, done live!

Frequently Asked Questions

The watches can notify you if someone has gone outside the home and if desired the beacons can also be set up in surrounding areas (e.g. the parking lot) so that if a resident goes outside the home you know where they are specifically. Within the home, the watches can locate the senior anywhere and utilize bluetooth and Wifi technology to do so.
All the data collected will be secured in the cloud using online database services from Firebase. They have a datacenter in Toronto which is where the data will be securely stored. Authorized staff from the senior homes can access the data at any time via a WiFi connection. The data is very secure as it is protected by the Firebase cybersecurity team and it utilizes Firebase’s tested encryption software to do so. Other name brands such as Citigroup & Loblaws also utilize IBMs encryption software to safely secure their data like we are.
Our watch can also:

1. Measure steps and calories to make sure that residents are staying healthy and active.

2. Connect with Spotify to play music aloud since it has a built-in speaker, but can also connect to other bluetooth devices as well.

3. Track your sleep and analyse how effective it was. Specifically it can monitor the different stages (Awake, REM, Light & Deep) of your sleep and give you a better understanding of what your body is doing during each stage, this is possible because of heart rate monitoring and motion data as well.
Our watches are uniquely integrated with a houses pointclickcare system and we offer a real-time dashboard that displays real-time readings for the senior that is wearing the watch. It is uniquely catered with the purpose of helping long-term care and retirement homes and the seniors within them. We offer fall detection and automatic phone calls to caregivers and nurses, an SOS button during emergencies, and track critical vitals so staff do not have to. We want to make your experience as seamless and easy as possible, and we will handle all of the technical processes and operating the system so that you can reap the benefits.